TV Interview by TVBS

Taiwan’s aerospace technology is once again move one big step forward! There is an aerospace grade Aluminum alloy factory located in Taoyuan ,with about 160 employees, including R&D engineers, technicians, and more. They have received the Aluminium material order from the Martin-Baker which supply to the world’s toughest jet fighter, F-35, Seat Ejector Guide Rail system! At the same time, they defeated the European and American competitors and became the sole agent for British companies to purchase aluminum alloys. Even Boeing and Airbus, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences rockets adopted the aluminum alloy materials which
are manufactured by Ye Fong Aluminium Industrial Ltd in Taiwan!
Reporter by Jiang Zhiwei; This was a small aluminium alloy factory 10 years ago. Now the number of employees is around 160, and this team defeated the US and German competitors and received the world’s toughest F- 35 fighter aluminum alloy materials orders.” A piece of aluminum slab imported from the United States is placed in the factory. The operators are busy carrying and cutting. At the same, the other workers are preheating the aluminum slab and then performs hot rolling process. Set the thickness of the aluminum alloy and do the processing. Reporter Jiang Zhiwei; The aluminum alloy after hot rolling process must be treated at a high temperature, so that it can be placed in the cooling water to achieve a strengthening effect”.
After the quenching is completed, the aluminium alloy is stretched and finally printed with a series number. R&D engineer Liu Jing Xin: " We produce aluminium alloy according to the required specifications of the aerospace standard AMS4050.If customers received this aluminium plate, it is just like their ID, then if there is any problem, we could trace back accordingly. " Long-term supply of aluminium plate, aluminium tube and aluminium bar, as well as aluminium special profiles, such as the North American aviation interior seat system, Jet fighter Seat Ejector Guide Rail System , 90% of the world&’s camera long lens body are made in Japan, including 60% of the aluminium materials are from Ye feng. These Aluminium materials are supplied from Taiwan Ye Fong with advanced technology and strict quality control system. Ye Fong established a global brand in the world successfully.
Liu Guang hui, Chairman of Ye Fong Aluminium Industrial LTD.: & In the coming years, I believe our yearly revenue target will be doubled and will even reach more than 2 billion NTD. Now, we have a promising project which is about aerospace fasteners material. The demand of this project could be very promising. We also accept Han Xiang’s (AIDC) batch of orders, and we are delivering the goods to them now, The application of these materials are aerospace, and also in response to our INDIGENOUS FIGHTER PLANE PROGRAM which produce sixty-six XT-5 "Blue Magpie" trainers." Manufacturing fighter components business in Taiwan, 80% to 90% are mainly export-oriented. In 2013, the yearly turnover was 780 million NTD, which increased year by year. In 2016, it reached 1.1
billion NTD. The key factor of this success is the dramatically increase in orders from Europe & America, and the
significant improvement of manufacturing technology lead by Ye Fong R&D team.
Liu Yi Rong, head of R&D department: & For curved surfaces and curves on metal, we can measure them with the normal caliper, so we need to use the image measuring projector to do the more accurate measurement." Irregular measurement, you can measure by customers’ demand through multi-level image processing in order to have the more accurate dimension.
Liu Jia Rong, deputy general manager of Ye Fong Aluminium Industrial LTD.: “With the strictest quality control system, we will have very stable manufacturing process. Under the stable manufacturing process, the customers will get a very stable KPI value in testing, then we deliver the customized aluminium alloy to customers, if there are any quality issues, we will make the adjustment accordingly and re-send it to the customers for the final approval” The world's toughest jet fighter, F-35, adopted Ye Fong aluminum extruded seamless profile(7075-T73511) on its seat ejector guide rail system, and Ye Fong become one of their designated aerospace international suppliers. Even Boeing, Airbus, and the rockets produced by the Chinese Academy of Science, all of their aluminium materials are from Ye Fong. Frankly speaking, only with the best quality management & advanced technology, we could survive in such cutthroat competition market now. MIT (Made in Taiwan) -Aerospace aluminuIm alloy made in Taiwan has already made a big name in the world now.